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Sep. 6th, 2008 | 03:44 pm

so i'm considering doing some silly game, or regular post event to make me think more, well freely.

let's see how that works out.

till tomorrow. if i figure out what game i want to revive.

kidding? i dare not.

Jun. 28th, 2008 | 07:35 pm

are you kidding?

i don't think so.

saying that i don't have a sense of humor, when it's something as simple as taking a group photo, is not a place to have a sense of humor.

as human as it sounds to say, "she doesn't have a sense of humor", trying to defend me in some shape, it's not fair to hear that. it's not that i don't have a sense of humor, it's that it's a simple task, of sitting in a position, and taking pictures.

how would you know.

Apr. 9th, 2008 | 09:24 am
mood: depressed depressed

my decisions are different from what you see; yet you continue to be there for me. the moment i needed you, you weren't there to save me.

what am i supposed to do.

what do you want me to do...

i lost me,

i lost you.

my trust, in myself can't be worse than you loosing my trust...

so yeah. thanks chloe

Mar. 6th, 2008 | 12:38 pm

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Feb. 28th, 2008 | 11:50 pm

thought this necessary to post somewhere

I voted in the 2008 Webware 100 Awards

I voted in the 2008 Webware 100 Awards

I GET IT~!!!

Feb. 27th, 2008 | 09:41 am
location: bus 214
mood: apathetic apathetic

so in HIMYM (how i met your mother) lily said something along the lines of... not wanting to see her fiance pee... which when i saw it was just HILARIOUS!... but as i came back to that thought, it made sense..

how many times do you think you really know any person.. even with their flaws, but how much are you willing to know the person...

i really didn't think i understood what lily was really saying, but from the top, it made sense as it was. knowing a person more than just the flaws takes away from the mystery of the person... so not having seen her fiance up to that point PEE!! was the mystery in her life...

so go out and enjoy those mysteries in life... i'm sitting in class

(no subject)

Feb. 10th, 2008 | 03:26 pm
mood: sore sore

mmmmhhhmmm proves something...

oh. right. i'm still here.

green and ugly

Jan. 17th, 2008 | 04:58 pm
mood: lethargic lethargic

maybe i shouldn't say anything...
maybe i have to go through with this, just keep it in and deal with it myself...

but i have friends,


those who say they love me..

but what's this unnecessary feeling climbing up my stomach, making me want to say something.

what ever it is, i don't like it...

i want to cry,


do something,

but i can't.

it was then this is now.

and i need my friends...

more than ever.


Jan. 3rd, 2008 | 11:48 am
mood: nostalgic nostalgic

well i'm sitting here, waiting for my friends, it's kindda weird that i'm actually waiting...

but the past... 4 weeks have been hell and back, it's not that it was something i'd normally write about in here, so i won't elaborate.

i finally got my b-day gift back last night, and i'm seeing my friends for the first time this year..

very exciting.

but it's weird cuz it almost didn't happen. i'm going to study. buy hairdye, and post weird pics of my new hair...

after i steal someone's camera and take pics of myself...

yeah. i'll do that...
but it's not as exciting as knowing there's a storm coming-

it's weird living in califonia cuz when you say "storm" it really doesn't mean anything, unless you live by the river.... or the mountains... that's IT!! it's not like there's an evacuation, just for low lands and river folk... but even those people expect that!! it's just part of it, it's not like we have snow days, we have "no school days" due to "flooding" that's it!! it's not like we have days where we see pretty things after the storm.. nope. it's grouse, and weird looking, and seriously, who wants to run around in the dirt that's been washed away....

eff that...

but it's cold. and i'm bitter.

it's cold. did i mention i'm excited??

and if anyone from ASMR is reading this, and wants to mess around with icons, let me know... i have stuff...

pains, joys... wait, what was i saying??

Nov. 11th, 2007 | 11:29 am

well. sunday night, i won tickets to see coheed and cambria. tuesday, got jessica to agree to join me. monday, found out http://lovejunkii.livejournal.com/ was having a party friday night. told patrick and matt monday-thursday that there was something going on at cathie's place. friday gets bitched out with "is to day ignore matt day?" friday, went to the concert not wanting to be there, but with a bunch of friends from high school playing video games. see where my priorities are?? friends, rad concert, meeting people. yeah. not the best, right??

but what ever, so the concert was rad, still feel like i missed out on something cuz i didn't stick with my friends on that friday thing, and feel all shitty cuz i'm might as well sick.

still haven't seen a doctor. worried it might be something, but what ever.

i'm not happy.

and am totally feeling shitty cuz of the lack luster concert, i thought it was awesome i came home with orgasms, just didn't dig it as much as i would have if i had gone to the party thing w/ the guys, or anything like that..